The Rubettes
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Albums 1&2 (Wear It\'s At/We Can Do It)
Albums 1&2 (Wear It\'s At/We Can Do It)
Double Album of the Rubettes First and Second albums containing 24 original recordings from 1974/75 in their original format.
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Wear It's At We Can Do It

1) Way Back In The Fifties

2) Rock Is Dead

3) Tonight

4) The Way Of Love

5) Rumours

6) Forever

7) Your Love

8) Sugar Baby Love

9) Teenage Dream

10) Rock 'n' Roll Survival

11) When You're Sixteen

12) Saturday Night


1) I Can Do It

2) The Sha Na Na Na Song

3) Something's Coming Over Me

4) I'll Always Love You

5) It's Just Make Believe

6) Dance To The Rock 'n' Roll

7) Juke Box Jive

8) Don't Do It Baby

9) The Family Affair

10) At The High School Hop Tonight

11) Wo Goddam Blues

12) Beggar Man


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