The Rubettes
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Albums 5&6 (Baby I Know/Sometime In Oldchurch)
Albums 5&6 (Baby I Know/Sometime In Oldchurch)
Double Album of the Rubettes Fifth and Sixth albums containing 23 original recordings from 1977/78 in their original format.
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Baby I Know Sometime In Oldchurch

1) Summertime Rock 'n' Roll

2) Baby I Know

3) I'm In Love With You

4) Ooh La La

5) Ladies Of Laredo

6) Rock 'n' Roll Lady

7) Allez Oop

8) I Wanna Be Loved

9) Under One Roof

10) Rock 'n' Roll Queen

1) Alimonia

2) Say What You Mean

3) Eva St Clair

4) You Make It Hard

5) Let Him Bleed

6) Great Be The Nation

7) Come On Over

8) Sometime In Oldchurch

9) Top Of The World


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