The Rubettes
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Albums 7&8 (Still Unwinding/Shangri-Li)
Albums 7&8 (Still Unwinding/Shangri-Li)
Double Album of the Rubettes Seventh and Eighth albums the last of which was never originally released at the time so denying 70's Rubettes fans access to 7 Shangri-La tracks until it's first release on CD in 1992. Containing 20 original recordings from 1979 in their original format.
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Still Unwinding Shangri'la

1) Movin'

2) No No Cherie

3) Still Unwinding

4) New York Tower

5) San Andreas

6) Goodbye Dolly Gray

7) Truth Of The Matter

8) When Hays Was Young

9) Do You Ever Think Of Me

10) Does It Got To Be Rock 'n' Roll

1) Shangri'La

2) Misbehavin'

3) Stay With Me

4) Tongue Tied Man

5) Southbound Man

6) I Never Knew You At All

7) Let Me Down Slowly

8) One Way Traffic

9) Butterfly

10) Kid Runaway 


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